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Hosted in an official walked in front of the emperor respectfully, to consult, not a moment of neglect.
“Good, good. soon begin.”
cheerful drumming chess, firecrackers outside so warm, but also a touch of wedding chair lift holding eight people whereabouts, the present of the groom to kick the people inside the car door carrying a bride myself down but to go down red clothes too bright, cover towel blocking everything, and can not see the inside face. But all people deserve to know that the noble man, it must be Empress Dowager.
bride and did not let other people helped, alone, into the hall door, no small step slender feminine, heroic and generous, when there is a bit of a hurry.
night watching the Mexican people, deep eyes, the people of the gas field have become different. That night he gets the ink slowly white hand, can not wait grip which, deep eyes, but covers a kind of affection. People here are changing ink night and very happy.
“seems princess charm big ah!” I do not know who sent a burst sigh, has led to the emperor pleasant laugh.
Matchmaker already here waiting, that loud voice, breaketh the audience: “prompt has come to salute.”
This is a thick red phase pull of good knot centuries. Ink on the night that his hands pulled straight, never put away. Hall watching eyes, but they just stare, already thousands of years.
“one preparing for the wedding!”
their hands clasped, and knelt down to earth salute always cold night than at this time also put ink soft look, there has never been a serious expression. Emperor had ear to ear smile.
“two worship Diocese!”
The two new portrait of the emperor salute, but they like so there is understanding, while turning the door, watching the blue sky and white clouds, together Koushou salute. This action will undoubtedly angered by the presence of all the people, chi bare naked contempt imperial acts, under the courtiers, all looked excited glared at them. Hong Yuan heart and feel good, and if the former, how could he allow such things happen, but now must not destroy! He glanced a sharp eye, his favorite daughter, ah, elbows out street, his heart had more care.
“husband and wife worship!”
This is the last program, they are about a married couple, sharing a century of good, two people so understanding, relative and stand, heart to heart, pointing interlocking. On down the line when they last ceremony, I heard a sharp female voice sounded: “!! Wait” came from the outside, all eyes are on the door, today’s wedding is really constantly surprises, and the ink in the eyes of the night suffused with cold, who do not know where the idea.
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True Color
wedding of Chapter 82

“Hold on.” instantaneous stop time, all the people looked to the door.
but let all people’s surprise, one light yellow body, slightly messy hair loose, hanging on deep anger tired pale face. Distorted face of such hatred double terror.
Although pair of facial expressions, but all the people are still the first time recognized, Bi Ling princess! ! !
“Bi Ling how would you?” Hong Yuan cried aloud, Wan extremely cautious, the result was awry it. Hong Yuan turned red bride, the sound is extremely deserted, with brutal: “Who are you?” The lobby is quiet moment
has surprised with angry people are more spectacular. That red figure, red bonnet, who do not know what the following will be a face.
“Oh.” only heard a hissing, is sent from the woman.
condensate white hand out, slowly opened to allow the focus of attention goes, ‘hiss’ sound of the waves suck, absolutely shocking.
fire red Phoenix, assertive colors, although not Allure face, but gestures, smiles are enough to attract everyone, noble and elegant temperament, stern, her light enough overshadowed everything, and the king and palace on the night stand together would be so fit.
“Yan Miyaji, how can you be here?” Hong Yuan has been angry, thousands of careful consideration, would be so unsightly opponent. As thick murderous emperor emerged, how can allow these royal scandal?
my mouth gorgeous smile, but I believe enough to charm all, I put that big hands clenched around me pull up, extremely gentle, said:. “My husband came to find me.”
this time Chodo another burst exhaust sound, this is the consort, why would they when Jon Snow Palace Miyaji it holy?
“What you say is not, Lan?” I deliberately clenched that ‘Lan’ words, to ensure that every heard of clearly here
‘Lan’? This dust for many years the name was mentioned this, that five years ago the world was called the devil and confusion, with Allure Yan Rong, that was frozen in the hearts of the name.
‘night pour Lan’ impressively appearing in people’s minds.
“Santo night, you should give me a reasonable explanation.” Hong Yuan sullenly, even spit out the gas are so angry. This is definitely not accidental.
ink sit and watch the night he dared to question the man in the eyes of the cold, as if watching people dying, and Hong Yuan is also sweating under him, when he had an intuition that he like ants in front of him , it is easy to crush.
“I do not need to explain the night from the ink work to others, not to mention ……” He paused, then quickly looked Yan Liu, with hands holding her hands together on the edge of his mask ask, slowly opened the hidden In the inside of the true colors.
“I Shing Temple before Miyaji, night pour Lan.” sound much but enough to hear all the people then, but hidden beneath the true capacity is seen, time to stop, all the people consistent expression, Leng Leng looked at the faces change my life, without any sound, Bi Ling face expression is obsessed obsession.
bushy black hair, peach almond eyes, white skin, the face of the world and confusion but no trace of the woman gas. Been hidden legends, this person only on today, picturesque fairy.
“This is your good design, the court staged a farce? you have already done the confrontation with the court.” Hong Yuan was the speaker, the branching off of the man who has all the charm, he seems the emperor to the absence of matter, more dignified dynasty ceased to exist.
“am.” night dumping Lan lug eyebrow, which contains thousands of style always makes people miss a beat. “But I only want to Willow! Princess with me?”
“Do you think such a shame the court today, I will let you out of the doors of the house?”
“ink, as long as you agree, I will see it as nothing happened, we Baitang good, Fu Huang will give you supreme position.” Pik Ling has long been confused by his appearance he mind, eyes, heart, some only the peerless man, she willing to make compromises.
I was not the slightest fear, openly holding hands watching the crowd, while Lan gave a sweet smile.
“Leprechaun.” Lan has long been seen glimpse elated that I bite my ears Qingtu forward. Today is the big day, how can he let these people destroyed.
“I want out of this night pour Lan door, who could stop?” Wild speech, the king of the atmosphere is completely revealed, before a mighty force leisurely, just enough to keep the momentum of all the people afraid.
“come, these two months Luanchenzeizi caught up to me.” mercenary rush outside, the emperor’s men travel to protect all be used to capture the night dumping Lan.
“Willow, clutching me, and not allowed to leave my side.” solemn night dumping Lan told that he has committed a mistake, never allow any of this leak. That serious tone, let my heart a tight, although I know that for five years ago, I captured alive, Lan has deep remorse, did not think would be so concerned about.
“good.” I solemnly promise, as promised in the ‘whole life, never separated. ‘
all soldiers poured outside, the less there are numbers in the hundreds. The presence of only if the flow of Shame Luo, Lan and me. Admittedly, I do have and Lan has the same place, even bloodthirsty smile are so similar, red Shura, from hell deepest fear, chaos into a long hall, which have fled to escape.
eyes of a just blood, and if alone Los War alone can open a flow path, Lan just clinging to me, even bows and arrows from afar we could not stick around too. Apparent strength of contrast, Hong Yuan seat watching now, give him a bunch of residual back, and pour Lan cold night, depending on the icy eyes if no matter, just one, let him keep the life of the emperor career nightmares. Not shout too sad.
night dumping Lan catch a gang popped from the busiest streets in the capital, less than a moment, snowy night Palace and St. dynasty palace troops arrived, the killing of the Royal Army Pianjiabuliu.
“Lan, Where are you taking me?” But the day of our wedding day. At this time only two of us.
“the witness of our love, I will let the world recognize us.” Lan said confidently pour night, excited eyes held a light.

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Chapter 83 of the world the only double

Forbidden summit, the wind whistling through, sweeping under the Imperial scene, here is the highest place in the capital, overlooking the world, and the world’s people worship the Holy Land.
two red shadow, stand tallest peak in the world at their feet stepped on, guards escort had fallen, at this moment only two of them, but also by people watched them.
“Willow, waiting days have been a long time, I was finally able to embrace Lan as you pour the night.” Lan tightly Guzhuo night pour my waist, with no space between us.
overlooking the world, suddenly, in this world recognize our emotions, like a lock audience who watched closely linked to students with life, death of death.
familiar with the heat, the atmosphere is filled with lotus, my heart full of sweet. Behind awaits us perhaps a mighty force, perhaps even more thrilling situation, but only at the moment, exclusive moments of happiness.
“Lan ……” I have somewhat blurred, affectionately calling. When four relatively soft lips, leaving only strong passion burning desires, as well as waiting for the sad. Each liquid again flooded us, Lan flames stirring constantly with my mouth, gradually lost the air inside, let me just one kiss lost his mind, his face covered with a layer of pale pink, the body again since he desires to be provocative, even more of the strong, the heart is also ‘pops’ excellent severe beating. And because we are each other’s mouth kissing is too intense, flowing down a white silver.
following subjects, for this fiery scene finally reflect, head up position, there is no conscious long time. They are not in front of a warm human curiosity, but that Allure peerless grace, the only double world so that they have the courage to move without opening the eyes, how love can be so exciting.
At this point, my body already limp, not relieve hot. Subconscious constantly rubbing cold front person’s body temperature, so comfortable ……
“Willow, then so hot, but I do not mind where you want to, oh.” night dumping Lan grin said, there is awareness of the city towards the crowd looked down, his mouth curvature deeper.
‘ah! How so many people, throw the dead! ‘Slightly restored some sanity, but was too late to allow the heart to cry.
“Well.” I gave him one, grumpy. But in the night dumping Lan
eyes, this mouth head? visual look, indescribably lovely, and another on the cheek, crossstitch almond kinds of style, just the way his brother does not live up to his feet, can not wait back, put his willow overwhelming. But a solution to the pain, can only smile holding goes on the air with both hands, toot, mercilessly kiss up.
“You ……” how so? I was defamatory to.
a finger close to my lips, and that’s fine sense Rouni today are exceptionally stimulating my nerves, “good, we still have unfinished work to do.”
“What what ……?” bewitched by his subconscious.
night squinting pour Lan Qing, flashing a sly light, close to my ears, but also mischievous licking an induced me a while tremble. I really do not know that he is not a dog, how to lick people like this!
“husband and wife worship.”
“This here ……” My face some slightly hot, although it is not impossible, but the face in front of so many people I would shy friends. Daughter home squeamish, especially now appearing. I think the tight
Lan took my hand, head bowed, an awkward look, but my heart had delighted, Pidianpidian with Lan.
we stand on the highest point, and thousands of miles away can be, both a red man, looking soulful.
“Willow, I promise you a lifetime promise, I pour Lan’s identity to the night asking you to marry me, okay?”
affectionate promise, as the wind passed to every piece of land, this is what we love. I do not think that this day has been a long long time, and this dialogue has done it several times.
two figure, so fit, before the people of the world, before all people, regardless of eternity forged their vows, to the heavens, the universe and worship, and thrilling. Even long, long time, to witness this historic moment of the scene will feel the trembling heart, that yearning for the true meaning of love.
soldiers swarmed behind, top of the Forbidden immediately swarm of soldiers, interrupted a beautiful atmosphere.
night dumping Lan did not bother these people, join Yan Liu, from the top of the Forbidden flying and more like Pina cents, as the person behind yet to catch up in front of them, let them escape. Dynasty palace within
night, brightly lit, decorated, naturally heard the news, slapstick court, their king and ruler forever Shengxue centuries Well, this is their big, lively ball up early intrauterine , and even if the current prime minister usually stern, and looked in all with great joy.
drink to celebrate, toast swig, though invisible to their masters, but the cheerful atmosphere is not missing. At this point, enter the red door figure, bright red eyes, so that everyone, this is not their their king, and the queen. Had a chance to take a call, which groups the shadow disappeared in front of everyone.
Some people hold curiosity, you want to find out, after all, is their wedding, how can we not seen the man? But did not walk two steps, it was stopped in her tracks.
“the prime minister, this is what you intended?” very puzzled.
“the king so anxious look, do not you know anything?” If the stream mouth smile, saw a hundred years, would be such a charm.
by this, that people react hastily, his mouth still talking about: “Fortunately no follow up, no follow up.
At this point in the deepest night palace dynasty palace, the two hot body wrapped in a long, faded clothes, white translucent skin supple and glowing sheen, two people seem to have patience to the limit, body movements The fiery increasingly urgent need to appease the other side.
“Lan …… Come on ……” I have some dissatisfaction cried many times to get my lingering early

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Modesty aside and go, this is the only person care deeply about.
“wellbehaved, do not worry, we have a night time.” That desires satisfied smile, like most of the wolflike, deep in my heart I’m shivering, I am afraid that after a bad night!

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night greed Chapter 84 noon

extreme yesterday we wrapped mian, my body has not recovered, but also ushered in a more violent impact. Our moment of faded red body with a hot body, first my lips, kissed by this guy mercilessly, constantly Simo, until that layer of skin to be torn from the red dripping been eating However, before they agree to let me. Body extending from the clavicle down to the navel, coupled with yesterday’s imprint dense, green violet purple cover the whole body. The most pathetic is that two red dogwood, Lan got a great love, he first light in your mouth, slowly sucking, obviously felt there gradually stiffness, the trend even more clearly intolerable body, his magic hands while blowing over me anxiety, while his mouth constantly bite, way, which makes her so delicious to indulge.
“Enough ……” I am a little angry, looking at the guy playing with me, I want to say, really hurt you!
“enough ……” This time can be completely changed me dumbfounded, like a childlike, grab a favorite toylike, but spoiled with discontent still in my trance when melted chest pain, and I desire to receive the abyss.
great charm of those big hands stroked my body, that beautiful silky to the touch, leaving him put it down, unconsciously, that desire into the abyss on between my legs, close to the private section, where the heat was hot and scary, I can imagine that grim look. Bitter heart can not help but call some. ”
The Lan although some anxious heart, or as I did a careful expansion, which shares Ying white liquid when shed from the lower body, soaked sheets beside us, the whole room smelled a taste of lust , sweet feeling, let heart pounded.
almost an already Onlly things, people rushed into the dense yearning mind off nicknamed densely night Lan almost pour into the moment have some right helmet Resurrection, his baby really is not normal size, my emptiness, dissatisfaction moment was filled full, without a gap.
Lan almost crazy, does not like the previous tender, action and some wild, like an instinct, constantly in my body out into the smoke, cha. I also feel that they have been quick to get mad.
“No, that pose ……” I have some spare capacity shortage cried yesterday’s war, the waist and some pain at the moment Lan actually lift my legs almost to stand up inside the red, the body’s initiative He’s being held hostage slightest, like duckweed boat, clinging to lifesaving straw.
“ah ……” Lan pumping dong blasted a few in my body vent, the kind of hot feeling, my body is more tight, today is really too exciting.
But in less than a moment, put the gun guy and hard, and I feel more brave Lan today, as if eating a stimulant, like, kept punching, I secretly glanced sky still dark, really well night time na!
wedding night, we did not know how many times, but finally I faint and fell asleep, leaving Lan a ride in my body.
dawn approaching, the sky outside is dawn, my dissatisfied moved his body, lying on the helpless man in me smiles, nasty guy!
connected to the site, I’m more like frustration, this will in every case. I slowly withdrawn, detached the moment, Lan on discontent woke up, his face still frowning slightly.
“up.” I shouted at him, yesterday’s crazy, I do not know Hong Yuan has what action was taken, the estimated moment Shengxue Palace has become a mess, and a ye greed noon.
“Well.” Lan replied that he also has something that must be addressed.
morning in Lan led down to the main hall of the night dynasty palace ‘morning sun temple’ and I sat side by side with his highest point.
“Congratulations to the king. queen of St. Ann.” down a person exclaimed, that comes surging momentum, but rather that there is a high ranking on the feeling of the world turned. My Lan as I propped up one day.
“What the court action?” If the flow
said “back on the king, has sent troops to attack Hong Yuan Dynasty palace night, I have sent a man to go to block, while another army camp far away in the Spirit to the holy mountain snow palace.” last night, even with the crisis circumstances, we can not disturb the king, deeply understand that one of the terrible extent.
“done a good job.” if the stream is also listening out which meaning, that is a good thing because yesterday did not bother the king been appreciated on. It seems that as long as the thing about the queen, and that God can not get people the end is a mortal accessible.
I have some instability, although I very much believe that the strength of four so, but …… “Lan, I want to return to St. snow palace.” My voice is very low, only two of us can hear.
At first his brow Wei Zhou, somewhat dissatisfied, but I see eyeful request, he relaxed the boundaries: “Well, I’ll show you.”
“But how do night palace?” he told me in a hurry, just know that underneath our interactive, but do not know what to talk about
“I have said, I can not let you have a person who commits insurance, for I do not trust other people.” night dumping Lan unusual look serious, like talking about very important things, is also sloppy.
a Unit warm, I laugh at his mouth, the man ah ……
“If the stream, you dynasty palace sits the night, and the court must not direct confrontation, I own arrangements.”
“am.” if flow replied, waiting for this day has been a long time, he can ask his master achieve the aspirations of the day, he felt his body’s blood boil.
day, they rode horses gallop back Shengxue Palace, because I ‘overworked’ sake, pour Lan night on the way to hold me, I’m afraid there is a hint of discomfort.
snow again that catches our eye when Lan was extremely pleased when a little strange, always deserted his birth mother could even miss the ground, but he did tell me, holy snow palace is just him and me to live together, where each piece for him are treasures.
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Chapter 85 in Dragon Pulse

horse and go for a night pour Lan back, does have a lot of surprises, whether it is four to make the whole house up and down with a kind of unquenchable joy. Though the night has a cold pour Lan inaccessible atmosphere, but whether it is night or Shing Temple dynasty palace for his beliefs are absolute, and this is his personal charm.
soul, five years ago from Lan’s departure, has been a stay at the Holy Spirit hill, always headstrong little guy began to grow up, many of the Holy Spirit mountain ferocious beast, but the Light white amber, enough to make him such a reputation Here’s to become King. The nose is very spiritual soul, to identify the main, like Lan is back, this guy abruptly broke into the temple, saw his master indulgence, and everyone knows a head taller than a human beast rushed, scared the guard.
“soul.” Lan breath came out, the original hanging Lan who obediently down to the little things, like how to look at its grievances, instead of his former mistress Sa Zhejiao ED, expressed dissatisfaction. That watery vapor glowing amber eyes, how that arouses pity ah.
“Miyaji ……” Four makes knees, they had learned the news Lan alive, but now the mood is so excited.
“I am no longer is your ruler, and up.” Lan pour some tough night tone for their behavior at the moment is very unhappy, “a clear understanding of their own situation.”
“yes. subordinate gaffe, please Miyaji punishment.” They immediately turned to me, for they can only sigh. Lan, I stand here, just for you, ah!
“Get up.” lonely at the top, originally just to Lan, keep our home and do everything, and return to zero when all the time, I already no longer is the year that worldly me, look looked, even had we been so close to him, like, just a look, it is known to him. Cut off for five years, would allow me to grow side by side with his situation, the world turned.
“Mu repair, for the army court, what are your thoughts?” convergence of emotions, there are events to do it.
“Shengxue Palace strength is not weaker than the court, we are fully replace potential, but this too will be pernicious. on the current situation, I only sent some troops to stop them dynasty palace collaborative night forward, did not make any fighting measures also requested Miyaji decide. ”
According to him, in all likelihood can be determined, these people behind my house dynasty night long and had to communicate, I do not know became a multiwill, and now even breathe the air all together, these guys.
“You have done well, continue to adhere to, just do not let them on the hill to the Holy Spirit, and to ask our people and they are not hard touch, flees.”
“Miyaji, so too would be on our face it.” Yan Lin Xuan quietly muttered, but still was I heard.
“Oh? Xuan, beneath the face?” touch my lips malicious smile Qin Zhao, Yan Lin Xuan straight to my heart secretly crying, “So let me make one of four words make, it’s responsible for the interdiction task bar. ”
“ah ……” Lin Yan Xuan speechless Tongjiao, I knew not to be trifled Miyaji, and interdiction, and God knows how tired my holiday ah! The other three colleagues, he sent a note to the eyes of mercy,
“These days I have something handed down and Lan Mu intrauterine repair your whole palm of things.”
“how do you know I have things to do.” yugao time we returned to the house, and this is where we have common memories, like the installation of five years ago, I personally have a clean tile. And here also became the intrauterine situation, no person shall enter into the, I’m afraid they have defiled the remaining Lan breath odor.
which I will not tell Lan.
“You do not want to Shuaixia me?” I have some exciting up from his body, look nervous, fearing he leave me alone.
“not.” The look in his eyes I see is definitely light, which I was a little relieved. His hand stopped from my lower back since I have homeopathic down in his arms.
“If I can not protect you thoughtful side, what to make me feel at ease in the world.”
“Dragon of the clock, you know what?” If the competition for the world, we must first destroy its fundamental, and it is precisely to Dragon Pulse lifeblood of Philip’s reign, the world strife everywhere, this is the most effective and best way.
“Aralia Valley.” Lan said tilting night, in my mind, I find the Lan seems to be omniscient, he is like a god hole measuring the world, Hong Yuan dynasty will never let the lifeblood of the spread of the world, But my Lan was clearly known.
“Philip’s ancestry is a very thoughtful person, although not ditch River Valley Aralia gully trap the land, but the key to open the whole mountain was too difficult to know where the beautiful seasons, quiet harmony can really accumulate as Philip’s Aura , the average person would be hard to think of this place. ”
I can not help supercilious, how did you know? You do not ordinary people.
“My heart must be in praise of Liu Xiang Gong wit your right!” Night dumping Lan cheek and asked, breath exhaled air hit my face itch.
“Well.” really narcissistic! How can this guy so cheeky.
“leave tomorrow, just the two of us.” Lan said, his hands hugged my waist, a long time letting go.
“Willow, you like me to build a dynasty you do?” Lan look seriously at me, hands also used some force. “Your freedom will be bound in a place called the dynasty.”
looked like him, I have some funny, always calm, no beam dump Lan night for a woman so disturbed. Life was this, has no regrets.
“where you are is my home, if not you, will only make me more freedom of pain and despair.”
“I’m coming with you a lifetime.”

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Chapter 86 fighting

Philip’s reign vast land, relying on the assets left by the ancestors, living voluptuous life, if that is the march of war
army also said that a group of hooligans took the sword the masters like ridiculous. A stop five meters, ten a break, which was supposed to arrive within three days of the place, let these outposts dragged threw stroll conscientious, more like a travel undisciplined.
Li Chen, Philip’s dynasty generals, but also destroy the person in charge of the holy snow palace, his ancestors was Philip’s reign is open
States generals, are loyal to the dynasty for generations, so he can be said to the generals, lightweight, read a few years the art of war, military flies actual practice, it was unfortunately put to the battlefield.
“Lord, you want to drink it?” Sri Lanka is a small Yin Li Chen’s love of wandering around, and if the battle won, certainly JiaGuanJinJue, their benefits are no less.
Along the way, overcoming all obstacles, the long dusty, Li Chen in the past which bear such bitter, spoiled at home,
Although practiced some martial arts, but how can the march to war compared. Thought here, my heart even more angry, and he vowed to use these thousands of troops beyond the pale Shengxue Palace, a grateful heart of hate.
“Bring!” Li Chen loud drink, just since the days, his ass should be worn!
“However, the generals, the dynasty provisions march is not drinking ……” That man has not yet finished, it was overcast and brutal eye that
God stare too, no longer afraid to say.
“I did not have good days drinking bowl, big mouth to eat meat, and now I am a general, who would disobedience.” His words,
originally hidden in private at the end of the wine, were sacrificed Yin situation, while under the soldier began to unbridled drinking, over life.
wine to make a tasty meal, dragging the heavy body on the road. One hundred thousand horses, more like a group of bandits cliques, occasionally squeezing
under local small people, every passing place are a mess, the local residents behind closed doors for fear of being robbed from these people
students money, go bankrupt.
“to go to the front of the Pathfinder,” Li Chen servant kick in the ass, it’s like a ball, like a get out, there is a crap feeling.
“General, you divinity in this, that Qunfei thieves dare come out presumptuous ah! Do not be hasty retreat under our troops.
“…… ha ha ha ha, do not let them run by me,” Li Chen laughed, mouthful ravings.
time to see such a scene, hiding in the bushes in the words Lin Xuan could not hold back a smile, shivering the whole person.
“Aha …… killing me, Philip’s reign actually sent such an idiot.” Yan Lin Xuan disregard for the people around, hands
concealed mouth could not stop the smile.
etc. His smile was finally over, the side of the people

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Two tiger carcasses to split up, go Pathfinder Guchong reply Yin pupil in front of a cave, there is no danger, quickly followed by Guchong Yoon pupil entrance to the cave, Yin pupil could not help but depressed the next, no wonder Guchong replied not dangerous, it actually has a magic cave array, which is what the tiger ah, clearly is the tiger fine, and think they are good and evil is also relieved of Western white tiger family.
Yin pupil because wearing white ink, so she did not break anything FIGHTING directly stormed the cave, the cave boundless darkness, Yin pupil can shine like fireflies emit similar Guchong this Guchong phosphorus powder paralysis, starting itch effect, for she is the master Yin pupil who use them to do the most appropriate Pathfinder light enough.
Yin pupil holding Perception, transported from the internal forces, starting with “flowing” fast walk in the cave, the cave silent, Yin pupil came all the way to a safe destination, the cave with a stone bench placed golden key, it looks like Royal Oak with her described, Yin pupil did not hurry forward, but will be carefully looked around a lot, sure no problem This pick up the keys.
pick up the keys in an instant, Yin pupil vaguely heard a mournful roar, Yin pupil lengleleng seize hold the key to starting the fan, look to prepare the way, she looked around, still is a silent What things are not coming out, which seemed to roar did not appear, but they have certainly heard Yoon pupil, she is not curious person, but that roar, she has somehow sore, that voice has Yoon Hitomi familiar bleak and resigned.
Yin pupil released into the forest on a release like a bee Guchong this Guchong fastest breed, so the largest number, Yin pupil has been like to use it as the first pioneer Pathfinder, Yin pupil can find Guchong flights into the stone wall behind the Yin to recover other outstanding pupil That Guchong, the fan into Qiankun Dai, inform the walls close. (The key is to not put a special quest items Qiankun Dai)
into the wall Yin pupil widened eyes, she saw an ancient battle formation, golden character, composition and blood-red stain stains strange matrix method, the middle of the four pillars of thick solid vertical hung with chains, central chain is a huge black animal, chains locked to its limbs, the body beneath a thick layer of black animal with dirt, thick smell of blood came from the dirt of the earth, Yin pupil’m sure all those dirt black animal blood.
black animals seem to find someone to enter its site, it raised the head growled loudly, the sound that the keys when the pupil Yin, generally hear that voice full of anger unwilling.
Yin pupil see its appearance, it is a tiger, Tongshen shiny black hair, but it is not the same as the color of a pair of eyes, one gold, the other silver, like most of the sun and the moon brilliant, but it has a cluster of silvery white forehead hair, but it turned out to be stuck in deep red-edged dagger on the neck, below the blood are presumably caused by it up.
Yin involuntary pupil walked to it, she can think about why it is there such a treatment, Yin pupil seen too much of this fear of the unknown treatment of the transaction, which is about a family of black tiger and the spirit of its so-called discrimination kindness so it will be held here, and that dagger, is it punishment so!
Yin pupil close to the matrix method, one into the matrix method, that golden spell the beginning of a dazzling light, Yin pupil has a white ink, but still brought her blood harm reduction, watching his blood on the decline, Yin pupil do not hesitate to swallow the blood poison, watching blood insanity brought only 5 minutes invincible, while reducing the side effects that grade level, only half a day of blood values. Yoon Hitomi no regrets, she must save it.
transported from her internal strength, the “flowing” started up, Yin pupil teeth, set foot on the stairs, blood-red stains he began surging to her, wrapped her feet by her feet up, the Her skin Le bleeding, pain that 100% of the incomparable pain tortured her, this was more determined to rescue the idea of ​​black tiger.
Yin pupil screamed, leapt to the altar and fell in beside black tiger, black tiger askance to Yin pupil, the pupil shoved a bite to seize key arm Yoon Yoon pupil pain Menheng a sound, no catch Key’s hand, slowly lift and remove the grain of the whole body from Qiankun Dai was speckled with black light Smell pills into thick black tiger teeth, just listen to her hoarse: “I want to start pulling the dagger You do not put mouth, I’ll take you out! “Yin pupil toward the dagger, she just felt a touch to bring the dagger dagger chill, holding her dagger, cold whole body began to spread throughout her body, Yin pupil have to wear Tencel A treasure, treasure A has 35% of the efficacy of cold, she can bring to this cold, then it does, Yin pupil could not help but roll up our sleeves, transported from the internal forces will pull it out, blood by her face, leaving it still does not know her.

“9″ Volume IX of the valley started his arena, why do you want to follow?

returning to tears by the Yin pupil eyes out, she whispered muttered: “painful, because the long strange it would accept such a treatment, not a level of what would be oppressed, it seems not only human unknown thing panic ah, rest assured, I will take you out Yo! “Yoon pupil bloodstained hand touch on the black tiger skull, black tiger have been using it that alien eyes staring at her, seems to want to put her through.
Yoon pupil squinted, hands shoved holding a dagger from black tiger limbs Kanxiang locked chains, only to hear the “clang clang” ringing tones, black tiger on the restoration of the freedom to do so, Yin pupil powerless against sharing black tiger body, the side effects of the time she arrived, she glanced down his left hand, and that is still the golden key, black tiger teeth also bite on her arm, Yin pupil covered numb the pain, then She looks find any, tattered clothes, covered in blood, is simply awful, low pupil Yin good mood even laugh out loud: “This way, love the clean uncle is estimated to be a headache now huh!!”
She patted the black tiger head, softly: “! we will go back slightly,” she pulled out a scroll to crush, a white light enveloped them up, and then they disappear in place.
Yin pupil embarrassed in front of the Royal Oak to pick up, pick up quickly stepped forward to hold Yin pupil, while he complained side view of her injuries, “how will they get in return get so embarrassed, what happened to it! ”
Yin pupil blanket the teeth, the key weakness in his hands, but did not let go, “I want to mysterious fruit!” mean in the obvious threat.
to pick Tiaoqi Mei, “Give it to use it!” to pick up next glanced Black Tiger, laughing tone not liking what he meant. Touches the side of the Royal Oak took some medicine to Yin pupil Fuseshita, pound to pick up a bit and said: “? Pupil child injury important thing is important mysterious fruit” crisp sweet voice expressed dissatisfaction.
to pick up brown eyes flashing a look of agony, his plaintive complained: “!! ohh oh people are so poor, so are you a small two baby to eat given a”
Yin pupil hear him say, this release their own hands, red Black Tiger said: “! eat mysterious If you’re free,” This close your eyes, let yourself fall asleep. (Ps mysterious fruit: Tongshen fire red, similar to the size of plums, legends grew up in the ice of the Department, is extremely rare, reportedly guarded by dragons, of years to get one, if a man can live forever eating, eat if Wicked Under direct promotion to become animal.)
I pick up the Yin pupil placed in a drug soaked insanity, this took out a white jade box, opened fire inside impressively lay a red fruit, I saw a pick up in the bucket too Yoon pupil drugs, and pointed at the black Tiger, resigned and handed the fruit of the Black Tiger, a black tiger unceremoniously swallowed.
saw it quickly ran to the house, Royal Oak frowned: “! so it went it.”
to pick shook his head, depressed, said: “! It went Taniguchi degree robbery, and have mercy on me that the matrix method ah.”
Royal Oak Yanzui laughed: “You can out of the valley, you have to do those tactical deployment Yeah, I, I’m going to go to the valley after a hundred valleys, I do not know how to seed a nice color!”
I pick up no kidding, rare serious, said: “I have followed the baby, pointing out that she took that task, so we will have hope ah!”
Royal Oak guilty look on insanity drug sweep in the bucket man child, “I, I can still find time to speak with the pupil child says, I believe she will help us, not for you to see her hurt like ink tiger yet! ”
to pick hugs Royal Oak, softly: “! This thing can not be sloppy, ah, I’ll go see the case may be, to see the white tiger tiger family curse of ink into what will be.”
?????????? positronium can cut the time of the dividing line?????????
Yin pupil opened his eyes and found that before the emergence of a strange man, this man is not skin deep beauty, but he has angular facial features seem Xiemei Lengjun, like a transparent crystal-like Che Long, cold expression do not like do not worry , just a cold, he looks like a ghostly silhouette illusion blurred, there is a kind that no one can match temperament, one gold and one silver eye pair of touches Yin pupil feels familiar, crawling around her lips muttered : “You ~ ~ You did not go so!”
“little baby, you soak in the tub is not cold medicine insanity it!” an unpleasant sound muffled man up, I pick squint, you want to hold out came the Yin pupil.
Yin pupil staring at him and said: “! clothes lying, I will wear, beautiful master it,” she gazed around, looking for a slim figure.
I pick shrugged and replied, “He went out of the valley, where his sister, he not seen her for a long time!”
Yoon doubt the arrogance of his pupil, lightly: “You will not follow him?”
like to pick up the injured face, prompting Yin pupil Staring spells him, he honestly replied: “! I tell you ah you hurry along the valley clothes Oh, this dress is for you to do the Emperor!” he leaving the sentence ink tiger dragged away from the house, prompting Yin pupil stare straight.
Yoon pupil got up, watching this silver dress, smiled, beautiful master really understand what her preferences.
Seduction days is 20% of the product defense, fire cold 15%, Xian Nvxing, unique, producer: Royal Oak
Yin pupil dressed directly out of trouble to go to pick up her dissatisfaction asked: “! Why do you need to come with me out of the valley.”
“because the emperor will follow you come to me ah!” he a natural look, do not see the name of the pupil Yoon So frown, quickly explained: “There is a special flavor of his God give you clothes, he has a way to find you, so I have to follow you slightly, baby, equal to more than a bodyguard bad you so! ”
Yin pupil feeling head cropped black line, what you are bodyguards, you do not give me trouble, I thank God, and how she can do it, words are said on this point, and then she pointed to the side of the stand immobile Mexican clothing man said: “How about you, black tiger, not asking you to go yet!”
“You are my master!” cold voice is unusually nice, different color ink tiger eye staring straight Yin pupil, saw her bewildered look and kind of take the sentence: “I eat a mysterious fruit, cut to animal, now is your guardian beast! ”
Yin pupil open the property to look, and saw that he attributes much guardian beast following information:

“10″ started his first volume of the Valley Chapter arena

“what hour I received you, I do not know how?” Yin pupil asked with a smile, to pick up a see her expression quickly transported from the dodge flash people, but also leave explain sentence “I went to pick up things out of the valley, a Taniguchi will concentrate! ”
Xiemei Lengjun ink tiger’s face is still so cold, but he was a gentle voice, “I want you around.”
Yin pupil rolled his eyes, how these npc are so headstrong, Yin pupil nodded helplessly, led ink tiger walked to Taniguchi, she casually asked: “Mexican Tiger, you said what you call good name ! ”
“alone lord commanded!” Ink Tiger resumed icy voice, his inability to answer letting Yoon pupil straight eyebrow.
“I told you Ze good!” Yoon pupil asked, suddenly laughed, “I do then is no name yet, they despise the dead from the nasty old man, or I played it!” she said suddenly of such words, she did not bother Tiger ink, simply said: “The old man said, a person with the surname first name can not live without, he said his surname nice, would lend it to me, and now I will lend my name also Oh you, My name is Yoon, name pupil, pupil you ask me! ”
Ze slowly should be a sound, it would not be talking quietly with the pupil in the Yin side, prompting Yoon pupil powerless ditan sound, muttering: “depressed, ah, how like you become so talkative in a of it, yes, Ze, you can use the weapon it! ”
Ze nodded and found Yin pupil did not see, and replied: “! can, what types can be”
Yin pupil in the universe would be the sound pocket pulls out a bloody dagger to Tongshen, Ze This is so that he can recognize by the scourge of crime for so many years, suddenly on the red eye, the pupil will dagger plug Yin Road in his hand, and hold it lightly: “! article itself is not a sin, the key is the user itself, it is the good weapon, should not bury it.”
Ze took the dagger, Harmonia’s eye flashed a soft light at the end, he will bite your finger drops of red ink on the dagger and holding a finger from Yin pupil gash small mouth, and drops of blood on the dagger Yin pupil movements somehow looked at him and saw Ze dagger on his palm flat, straight mouth and remembered what Yin pupil did not understand animal language guess what it is about, read the dagger in Chak also issued a red and one black light after light, Ze hands actually had two daggers, Ze that the black pupil and handed Yin Yin pupil took a look:
flow Canossian attack is beneath contempt 150-400, there is a 5% chance of hair

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Dynamic tear Xian Nvxing, uniqueness
DAY 300-500 cents devices of varying attacks, there is a 10% chance to launch vampire, a 10% chance to launch frozen limit men, uniqueness
Yoon pupil depressed, and muttered: “metamorphosis ah!”
Chak Yin pupil looked like depressed but laugh, that smile, but let Yoon pupil lost sanity, until I picked up knocks her head to respond.
“little baby,’re staring it, go slightly, starting it!” I was very happy to pick up, he can finally leave this sleepy valley of his friends, he could not help but think of where minor hum, attractive men and women were outside the valley I came back to pick it!
Yin pupil look helpless to pick out along the valley, a prompt to the outside she heard the news of her system updates, Yin pupil quickly open the information bar to see:
“Lovers quack” second update as follows:
1. Opening cash and silver exchange system (1 tael = 1 yuan), please apply at designated banks.
2. Increase guardian beast system, each player can capture, tame or available to do the task, each player’s guardian beast unique, non-tradable, please choose carefully, for more information, please develop your own players.
3. Add new maps mount system, desert, grasslands and other open to players, horses British song, surf swim, players can go to every city, town ncp groom equestrian training at acquisition, to the desert, grassland catching all kinds of training horses, but also in ncp Groom purchased horses.
4. Increase the uniqueness of weapons, the only recognized master, not steal, can not be lost.
5. Increase the degree of simulation, after the player dies, the body stays until the resurrection, please pay attention to the valuables stored in the player banks, when the corpse is not resurrected, goods protection does not exist, you can still steal.
Yin pupil or update a look yesterday, saying she was in a coma for a day, she will be picked up with updated content, Chak said the next, to pick up and nodded his head and said: “Go left along the forest there is a prairie, little baby can go there to find the right horse horse! “(ps Yin pupil in during coma, so the system has not been kicked off the assembly line)
“I will not train Equestrian ah!” Yin pupil replied, “There is no training equestrian how to catch a horse, oh!”
Ze cold interjected: “I can show you the way to tame a horse like!!”
to pick up the sad sight of the Yin pupil, the pupil has been Yin affirmative nod, he lamented silent breath and said: “! long distances, we shipped quickly dodge” Having awarded by the lead away, Yin pupil, Then follow Chak away.
??????? epoch positronium can drop the dividing line??????????
“baby, well no, ah, people very hungry ah!” I picked up the red Yin pupil cried like a baby, brown eyes staring straight Yin pupil hands are flipping food.
Yin pupil glared at him, unhurried and said: “What! you with Jia, grilled fish takes time, do not remember who told you to take on kitchen appliances, there are good fish to eat it.”
“little baby, even if you do not have good material to still be able to make such a delicious taste, you see people come out of the mouth water! you how can you be so cruel to deprive the people eating it!” to pick up the side of Yan Zhao saliva, While long-winded road.
been sitting Chak Yin Meng station beside the pupil got up to the bush edge flash body disease, DAY cross on bushes shouted: “! out.”
“I’m not malicious, just smell the aroma of grilled fish!” With an honest voice, coming out of a tall man, strong figure, but long with an honest face, a pair of dark eyes pure as crystal bright.
Yoon-taek waved red pupil, sadly: “come together to eat, although the material is incomplete!”
honest man sitting next to pick up, took delivery to the fish Yoon pupil said: “I have a kitchen, if you do not mind the wait, I can get lunch!”
Yin pupil eyes light up and I picked up at the same time, because you can be lazy pupil Yoon, I picked it because there are delicious to eat, it is a little roasted fish Yoon pupil, not him eat!
honest man nodded, immediately took out a full set of kitchen utensils from various belts, and pretty soon a staff cutlery, neat that it is like today to Spring in general.
stunned for a while to pick up after exclaimed: “! I went to catch fish” will disappear in front of everybody, it seems that stature so fast burst of wind.
Yin pupil transported from Qianlichuanyin asked: “By the way grab some game, ah, I’ll Bring out waiting for you!” touched since then sketched a smile and asked: “My name is Hitomi, who is Ze, how to call! ”

“11″ Chapter Eleven thousand lakes started his first volume of dust and wind

man scratched his head, revealing a simple and honest smile, held out his hand and said: “! I told thousands of dust and wind.”
Yin pupil lengleleng still hold thousands of dust winds hand, she knew this program on behalf of the exchange Mingtie, so your friends in a bar appears his name, you can use Qianlichuanyin to notify the other party, She is not like the excitement of the people, but she was very willing to make thousands of dust and wind that can cook simple and honest character who, after all, this is very rare honest man Yeah!
pupil Yin previous wines come from Qiankun Dai, the way the sentence “You drink it!” She opened the cover, exposing the sweet-scented osmanthus fragrant flavor, which is brewed Royal Oak Huajiu taught her, she always prefer this light and sweet taste.
thousands of dust wind wrinkled his nose, sighed and said: “fragrance in with a little sweet osmanthus bar which is at least ten years!” He took a sip of wine Yoon pupil fed the mouth continued: “This The wine should be accompanied by a light fish, as have taste! ”
Yin Tongmou flash of surprise, “the wind, so to call you, you seem to be useful for the study of wine!” she casually asked.
thousands of dust wind Momobizai, honest smiles: “Okay, I cook this trip, so I heard” Lovers arena “where 97% of the simulation, Can I try cooking, the result hooked up here! ”
“you are a professional cook it, how it would come to this forest, you know where it is relatively dangerous!” Yin pupil softer sound, voice with a wire to confuse means.
thousands of dust winds strange glanced Yin pupil, replied: “! Do not you know, a professional player in the Forest Service is protected by the system, and do not take the initiative to attack the beast, they are not looking for your trouble.”
“uh! I have been following the unscrupulous ~ ~ Master Arts, before coming out these days, so some things did not understand!” Yin pupil explained, she saw thousands of dust the wind is really simple and honest, it is not in use confuse skills, but sincere and thousands of dust in the wind conversation. “Well, the wind you are here to find what what, what you need help, just when do we reward you for our dinner now!”
thousands of dust and wind, shaking his head, “No, this thing is very dangerous, can not let you get involved!” do not know what he thought, even the red from the face, he Nono said: “The one thing I have made! ”
“Oh, how can you say so, this is a little something for my little baby thing! say to what we have put the level of uncertainty it!” riffraff laughing from a distance came the sound of the crowd just before starting feeling a gust of wind, brown figure appeared on the front, brown uniforms covered with fish skewers, his hands still clutching two deer, he gave thousands of dust wind and things nagging the sentence: “My people do Rice was not very good, but it will do housework Oh, people wash specially for you somehow, do you quickly to the people to eat! “Then the wind also to thousands of dust thrown a charm the eye, prompting Yoon pupil straight rolling his eyes.
“I’ll give you first cook and eat!” thousands to pick up dust and wind did not have any particular reaction, still smiling on Yoon pupil Road, “Soon ah, you wait you can eat!”
“pupil, you have to follow him so!” Ze has no openings whisper asked, let Yin surprised a lot of good pupil, then she nodded and said: “In his journey, it seems also to go to the prairie , then there is no one, and his influence, Well! coming anyway, the way some people get food, nothing bad, right, Ze habits of these foods you eat it! ”
“Fortunately, not too much trouble, you can not eat for a long time!” Ze replied, his black hair hanging hid his face, forehead tuft of silver hair that straight edge floating in cheek, looked Xiemei and decadent.
Yoon pupil involuntary whisk his hair, cold hands and soft touch in, she tore her hair tied ribbon, tied it to his hair, this satisfied smile.
“eat it!” As I picked up the call with, Yin pupil to thousands of dust winds around and did not see a pair of eyes in different colors tenderness.
Yin pupil to see the original table has been filled with empty dishes, roasted crispy golden deer leg, white and tender and juicy meat, light fragrance Yugeng other rich dishes, Yoon pupil motility lips: “These wind are you doing? ”
thousands of dust under the wind honest smile: “! Yeah, eat quickly see how” He handed Yugeng loaded into the bowl, and with his pure eyes looking forward Yin pupil speak comment.
Yin pupil tasted, this back: “! Unfortunately, no onion, or will be more fragrant, this Yugeng Rouhua and light, Ze to taste ah, or no cough,” Yin pupil greeted as to pick up has no image flutter on the table, his hands clutching two grilled deer leg, gnawing it gratefully. After
enough to eat enough, to pick up thousands of dust began to mount the wind, soon making thousands of dust and wind agree with them on the road pupil Yin Yin pupil exclaimed: “So unscrupulous people are not useless ah, at least let him diplomacy very well! “Ze quite agree nodded, and thus began to move forward in the direction of a pedestrian grasslands.
“small air damper, ah, this way you do not say why it should come prairie road you insight into other people’s powerful friends, what is hiding something, they call the shots for you!” I picked up wandering in the wind in front of thousands of dust , stop nagging, and thousands of dust winds are good natured acceptance, and also to pick up patiently answered questions.
Yin pupil is far away to pick up, pick up, then I heard, is a supercilious sweep of the past, who is swept along the way strange, and she obviously is Ze good, that unscrupulous uncle aside and Thousands of dust wind chat in full swing, just throw a few from time to time to give them fuel, which is also called powerful?
“I have heard there is a strain in this prairie Malan, the efficacy of injuries helps, Malan said to champion the prairie by guards, so ……” thousands of dust and wind Nono Road, infected his cheek blush, seem Tutu Keren.
Yin pupil tilted his head thought, Pathfinder Guchong release, that is, before the kind used in the forest, and then she frowned to Ze asked: “Ze, where large, Guchong fly very far, champion on which side you can feel it! ”
Ze nodded and pointed to the side of the grasslands have said: “! show me the way.” Bianxiang jump over there, and they have not used the dodge into the prairie, and to understand his pupil Yin know, certainly is the direction of the emergence of a champion question, she quickly lost the sentence given to keep the pick, “bring wind, hurry to keep up, champion there may be an accident!”
to pick up curled his lip and said: “! mere trifle matter,” he brought thousands of dust wind collar, like a blast to jump forward, did not feel the weight of thousands of dust winds affect his play.
Yin pupil came to the place where the champion found here has a messy, strewn corpses and blood stained the original green grasslands, rivers and lakes in order to maintain fidelity, the corpse will disappear after the resurrection, champion that Tongshen straight brown hair erect, it seems quite angry, and for holding the champion is a pair of men, about 20 to 30, while the champion here actually stood a man and a woman, that men and women outstanding appearance, it is like Shenxianjuanlv stand together.
saw that twenty or thirty people slowly out of a girl wearing a bright red palace maiden dress, accompanied by her domineering face looks gorgeous originally is like a rose with thorns, just listen to the maiden said: “Odyssey in this private use, loitering, etc. haste to leave!” This is the legendary
have private use? Yoon pupil tilt lips, revealing a touch of smiles tenderly, stand over there on the audience when starting up.
purple woman standing beside champion Jiao He said: “Odyssey arena can be considered well-known gang, how like a wilderness-like thing to snatch the Lord!”
“there is the main thing, the girl you are joking right, you can not help the Lord will move back to the champion, but to hold it against us!” red woman giggled, her eyes stare stern said: “It’s champion, I was absolutely unparalleled Rose will not give up!”
“says it has no intention of so many!” purple woman surfaced firm handsome face looked, I saw her take out a Qin Qin from behind, like a white man around her know her intentions, but also take out a whole body green Hsiao , the purple woman tune tuning, paused, and seems to be broken strings in exchange for, and adjust the tuning, they played up the song and sometimes impassioned, sometimes gentle and elegant.
only heard the high-pitched sounds gradually, but slowly study on three deep down, but the low study on three constantly, like gossamer wind drift, but endless, but also by Huichangdangqi of Italy, Hu Ting Qin Qiang Qiang suddenly pronounced, the seems to be the rage in Italy, but still Wen Yawan study on three turn. After a while, the piano also turn soft, two tone fluctuated, abruptly changed in Qinyun study on three steep, they are subject to seventy-eight Qin, Xiao seventy-eight simultaneously play music in general. Although his best acoustic piano flute of complicated changes, but each sound cadence, sweet tempted. Yin pupil in front of those people who seem to see the champion unbearable way, the heart wonder how such a beautiful melody will be unbearable, and listened for a while, the sound of flute and piano is changed, changed the melody study on three that lyre just Dingding? ?  accompaniment, but they study on three rising.
suddenly anxious Zheng bang sound, sounds stand only, ie study on three lived, purple woman ejected a wow of a blood, leaving the man beside her arm around the woman approached Shaw, into her mouth stuffed with what .

“12″ Volume XII started his arena invisible wind
That red woman smiles tenderly across
aloud: “already heard, Shenxianjuanlv Carol girl’s good temperament, a small woman can not help prepare for it!”
Carol glared around the white man, his cold and said: “Good! despicable excuse to arrest champion is, it is really against us,” but he was holding Carol gentle action to support themselves her weight, elegant temperament unassailable.
angered white men bearing red woman, she holds up a whip, exclaimed: “! her heartbroken in a casual, you think you have a chance to escape it,” she has not fallen behind people began Carol took the weapon from approaching them.
“and so on, the girl, you have not seen Malan? was champion caretaker was growing on!” honest honest figure appeared in the middle of the two sides was that was special robes, Yin pupil to see that who is suddenly headache up, went over there to pick up how to go, good Sibu Si turned stay sensitive position in the middle.
“You also come Malan?” Warriors Rose raised his eyebrows, rushed back to people secretly beckoned, I saw the smoke behind her and whipped a Tsing Yi man rushed to the thousands of dust and wind, Yin had a chance to pupil called out: “Beware ah!”
to pick stature suddenly appear in Yin pupil side, his hands impressively carrying thousands of dust and wind, apparently he just get away from the attack, but that way you expose the hiding location pupil Yin Yin pupil greatly Fang Fang come out sadly said: “We only came to Maryland, there is no other malicious!”
unparalleled Rose smiles tenderly: “But, people do not view a

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Well you see the face! Fortunately arena after how people walk it, then wronged you slightly! “She whips dancing together, suddenly a strong wind Yin pupil will have an orientation hit, Yin pupil walk from” flowing “pace, Wu Qi Perception, Perception matter led the soft voice, like a man sigh, so people enchanted. This is a special charm people confused Perception skills, plus the spell itself pupil Yin, Warriors fans have left behind a rose seven people still firmly stood there, including unparalleled roses, other people are lying on the ground unconscious.
Yin pupil who glanced behind him and found to pick up the white man being gratefully eating tofu, evidently he is very busy, Yin pupil after dark under certain decision not to recognize a relationship with him, it is a lost face ah!
and thousands of dust winds are laughing innocently stay, probably Malan already at hand, Yin pupil was ready to turn around, find themselves being Chak in his arms, his cold voice hoot and said: “What is your hair in the fight to stay? ”
Yoon pupil embarrassed smile, suddenly exclaimed: “Thousands of dust and wind, be careful!” When
unparalleled Rose Yin pupil not see the attack, thousands turned red dust and wind direction, waving whips, thousands of dust wind defenseless, and will definitely be sent Xianyan Wang, they saw that the whip is about to hit thousands of dust and wind, fierce of a shadow drifted down, holding thousands of dust winds whip flashed that road.
holding thousands of dust as the wind is a razor-sharp man, his eyes cold daggers he rose to the Warriors, but she was shaking unparalleled rose up, his whole body around the rich red mist, let Yoon pupil surprise a fan, this is the image of the legendary killer Mody, evidently, thousands of dust wind and his familiar, well, it should be very familiar with the kind of familiar, because she saw thousands of dust stared wind is gentle man.
“Why you kill me!? did not know he was under my protection it!?” Ice by his words out of his mouth, arrogant people feel taken for granted.
unparalleled Rose straighten physique, retorted: “! was his intervention in my revenge, my anger him what was wrong,” she contracted the gorgeous face with tears, even more vivid colors and moving, but the present is not Lianxiangxiyu figure.
“You hurt him, going to die!” dragging death of black man coldly word, he saw a black knife raised, no fancy moves, just so the knife strokes, a beautiful child so Yu Hong consumption meteorite!
Then I saw the crowd to release the thousands of men in black dust and wind, dragging the black knife toward the rest of the six men, after the knife here, only six corpses on the ground, while the man standing proudly in that the knife income After the sheath, the man came to the place where thousands of dust wind softly: “! how come here, not asking you to stay in the inn.”
“I ~ ~ I came to Maryland!” thousands of dust and wind muttered quietly, head down, playing with his own clothes, a confused look.
Yoon pupil to see him like this now I pick up an apology to the Royal Oak when a look, I could not help but evoke red lips Zeixiao pick up, then, walking slowly Carol Chong Yoon pupil, a popular thousands of dust Hail, said “a small woman Zi Yao Xuan wing and thank you for saving! future need it small woman, Carol will do my best.”
“Carol girl, you’re welcome slightly, this is the arena where the mutual support ah!” I pick spurt said, fearing everyone forgotten him. Carol
beside the white man also slightly nodded, his face did not give a good pick up, obviously frivolous memories just from the heart, Yin pupil funny pick up acoustic give “unscrupulous uncle, how you people, and made People you did a good face ah! ”
“I did not how he, ah, just touched his face, shook his hands, praising the skin under his good ah!” innocent and wronged someone’s voice over, Yin pupil sweat fly It is also called nothing, which has constituted a good light, well, one would certainly not recognize him introduce it on! Said so.
Chak Yin pupil turned to find it, just to save her figure not seen him, “the pupil, he was invisible wind, thank you along the way to take care of!” thousands of invisible dust and wind with the wind pupil greetings to Yin Road, Yin pupil this he turned and replied: “! was it, he was not needed Malan what, I still see him looking wonderful.”
“He is invisible injuries, but he did so so you can not see ah! that we have to go to the doctor!” thousands Dustwind honest smile, a pair of crystal eye was staring straight wind invisible, meaning show out of concern .
ear tip I picked up took the words, “What injuries, people I’m very powerful physicians do, let me see!” He single-handedly has embarked on the pulse of the wind invisible hand.
“Uncle medicine is really good, my poison is his solution of it!” Carol and graceful too softly said, the dark side of the Villa determined to let Carol wing away from the bad habits of the uncle.
“You are nameless that old boy apprentice?” I pick evoke a touch of exotic smile, a type of fortitude face appeared serious look, the whole body of the atmosphere began to surge, it is like the pupil of the first to see the kind of Yoon oppression momentum.
sweat fly invisible wind did not utter a word, so to pick up suddenly laughed, he muttered: “really is nameless old boy’s internal organs Heart, he had no idea how well it should also be lifted!! “I picked up suddenly pulled from his chest and handed a black ring invisible wind,” since it is the nameless old boy apprentice, others to the point that this is also a gift uncles Well, this happens to be that you can spend it! ”
hiding place is top grade ring once daily camouflage, hiding all the information of the wearer, unique
cold wind invisible spoke, “He’s fine, thank you!” his body to pick up injuries have been treated better, so he sincerely thank him.
“Where are you going next, we access it, I think unparalleled in the world will not help us let go so easily!” Carol asked softly.
“! Xiangyang open restaurant we went to, ah,” to pick up Xiaohe answers, attracted Yin pupil dissatisfaction, she asked: “! when I agree to open a restaurant.”
to pick shook his head and pointed to the thousands of dust duct: “! chef who was his doing, ah, you just put away your money can”
Yoon pupil weak sigh, anyway she can not pick up a life and death matter I only agree, she suddenly remembered something and asked: “Carol, you just see a black man with me yet! ”
“champion and he just went over there!” Xuan wing replied, referring to the direction to see Yin pupil, as he pointed in the direction, vaguely see the horses gallop to them, to those who are Ze, his body was riding the horse was surprised that he left together with the champion.

“13″ Volume XIII started his arena was wanted?

Chak Yin pupil looking at him from jumping champion, he knows these are looking for his horse, Chak Yin pupil came around and asked: “! pupil, what your favorite horse” Harmonia eye blinking, waiting for her answer, Yin pupil tilted his head thought for a moment, smiled and went to horses foals before, said: “You who are willing to go with me on the ground, I will not use the saddle, the condition is not to My Britain dismount on the line! ”
“little baby, this does not work, the Colts have run up inertia! you will fall off the horse to die!” I picked up the idea quickly corrected her mistake, other people have also expressed their views.
“pupil, I think this horse white is for you, oh!” softly spoken voice is Carol’s.
“casually, are relatively good horse!” Xuan wing does not matter suggested.
“I do not know the horse, so you still decide for themselves pupil!” honest so says thousands of dust and wind, but the wind is invisible snorted no opinion.
Yin pupil has been staring at Chak Chak in the eye and asked: which to choose? Hitomi shook his head and insisted Yin Ze own choice, Ze helpless sigh, walked straight through the black ink of the foal before said: “! Must shadow, is you” (borrowed from the “Han”: the horses Tso Jedi shadow.)
champion sounding cry seeing it with other foals gallop away, I picked up in the back shouted: “Stay two ah, I can not pony ride ah!”
thousand invisible wind dust and wind have been holding horse, he sat on the horse scratched his head and said: “! Carol have two horses they do, you can ask them to borrow horses ah.”
nestled in Chak Yin pupil who had just closed my eyes sitting, heard thousands of dust winds funny words muttered: “! Xuan wing hate uncle does not know how many, how will he ride a horse and do”
“Why do you say?” Ze curious asked, sweeping his eyes are in contention to pick up the wing Xuan Ze hearts also made such a decision, let the pupil and I pick up after the separation distance, so as to keep the pupil is not get into trouble.
Yin pupil dawdle his head, to find a comfortable position, this way: “! because unscrupulous uncle Xuan wing dip slightly cheaper, well I sleep ah!” Then it does not say anything.
while there I picked up a man riding a horse, aggrieved look, but no sympathy for him.
????????????? positronium can accelerate the time of the dividing line?????????????
Warriors resurrection is the first thing Rose Qianlichuanyin to his brother, which is unparalleled in the world’s main fact unparalleled tyrant, she worried saying: “Brother, the mission fails, I could not get Malan, champion also did not catch, half woman and two men appeared a disturbance, even ‘bloody skates’ have emerged! now on how to do!? ”
“There’s nothing worse than Shenxianjuanlv friends what, how will people intervene. Roses, this program is you develop it, you know the how the aftermath, so to say, you need to manually go incognito!” Tyrant unparalleled tone quite good, so not conducive to any who hear his message, the mood will not be good.
unparalleled Rose frowned, gorgeous face strayed hideous face, she replied: “! I know how to do, offend unparalleled in the world who will not have good results.”
unparalleled Tyrant heard her sister say, even Kazakhstan laughed, shook his rough voice rose straight unparalleled frowned, “This is my family’s unparalleled breadth of the others rose princess ah! roses, I’ll wait good news for you. ”
unparalleled Rose raised flirtatious smile, no trace of Qianlichuanyin turn unparalleled, “trace, I want you to send people to the prairie winds near the town, see the ‘Shenxianjuanlv’ relevant person shall be regarded as the world unparalleled wanted, issued a circular to the way the world hero said, ‘Shenxianjuanlv’ killing spree with ‘bloody skates’ together, I think this will be quite a stir bar! ”
“My Princess, your request is my motivation!” Warriors Fighting laughing voice over, the tone is not very serious.
“Do not talkative, good work it!” Warriors Rose smiles tenderly, playing with her hair, looks lovely, there’s no trace of unparalleled unparalleled Rose’s temper seemed to know, quickly should sound, then to publish notice of the , looked at the system notices issued unparalleled Rose, laughed darkly ……
?????? positronium replace the dividing line of the scene???????
Yin pupil is to wake the system notice, she blinked confused, while the open side of the notice and asked: “! Ze, where, and how long I slept.”
“still on the road, now on the Official Road, about a will to Xiangyang up!” Ze whispered, “or else you will be blind!” his gentle eyes staring straight Yin pupil, his hands still around her, fear that she would fall.
Yin pupil stared, called out: “Wind, Carol, did you see the system advertises, unparalleled in the world’s notice!” When did she become the most heinous people, ah, was also wanted, she was not dreaming it!
thousands of dust wind Mang said: “This is slander, invisible matter what time a killing spree, he was just very quiet good!” the crowd heard that, collectively toward a contempt thousands of dust wind, and now the whole arena who does not know the wind is invisible killing spree, even newly hatched Valley Yin Hitomi all know his name, and the thousands of dust and the wind did not know, he stayed true deficit invisible wind around for the longest time too!
“This is not a problem, the question is why I also wanted list above, ah! you look at even my name there, as well as looks, I’m not even good at confuse are marked up, but also reward 100 gold ingots, I have so not worth it! “It’s not on the days that she’ll have a trouble, her dull life, ah, gone so what?
“pretty good pupil you do, my reputation ah, what evil deeds, they did not and ‘bloody skates’ hand in glove ah!” protested Carol depressed, a pair of tearful eye, Chuchukeren, see Xuan wing while distressed, he softly said: “!! had to break with the Odyssey do not have to consider these so-called reputation, and am happy as long as we do not like it good, Yao children cry, I feel bad.”
Yao Zi Xuan wing touched the hand holding, tearful and said: “! matter where, no matter in what capacity, I will accompany you around.” !
“! Yao child”, “wing” of two people while nauseating language so that everyone chills, Yin pupil speechless muttered: “They’re both good and evil is not it, how to look like a pair of” sudden Yin pupil! Miaodao has not been talking to pick up in the shadow of evil smile, felt scared, she was too familiar with that smile, and had that horrible dodge training so that he laughs out.
“Ze, I pick up is not always and Carol talk to them!” she asked, a look of hope.
Chak Yin looked baffled pupil replied: “! He has been in and talk to them, ah, as if they went to the restaurant to discuss please show playing piano.”
Yoon pupil nauseating still looked weak in two, sighed loudly: “Poor people, ah, but also a foolish man who was the scourge!”
“pupil, do not you worry about a thing what was wanted!” Ze concern and asked that he would pull a good cloak again because Yin pupil restless sleep, he has dared to wake him.
pupil Yin pointed invisible wind to pick up and whispered: “Things uncle decision is unlikely to change, the restaurant is sure to open, I’m afraid this arrest will become a springboard for a famous restaurant, to pick up ah, what are you thinking about it! “This game is probably not a simple arcade game of it, I picked up this npc is so lifelike, high IQ was scary, old man let her come just to improve the martial art so simple, is it not her long No mindless little less on the form of the? Well? Good trouble, do not want to argue, do not open the restaurant you can eat rice every day the wind did what, this is not bad! Oh! !
“in front of someone, comes to me!” invisible wind suddenly coldly take a sentence, thousands of dust into the wind to pick up and hold on horseback, then pulled out his own knife, a Zongyue forward, disappeared in in the eyes of the crowd.
“wing, I think we better move before chivalric idiot Oh! actually use is unparalleled in the world like that do not know,” Yin pupil listening ears Carol murmured about their holidays and unparalleled in the world, laments with, this is the arena ah, Carol apprenticeship is chivalric order, the wind invisible in order to protect his loved it, so she does, is because of the power of what not to be oppressed, then she has done ah Why should also continue their studies into this arena it? It seems to be because of the responsibility, Yin pupil eyes closed, and I think that night Royal Oak pick up dialogue, and then look Leis has been watching his eyes, Yin pupil suddenly figured out what like smiling, that smile Let Ze lost look.

“14″ Volume XIV started his first battle arena (on)

Yin pupil, who came to the invisible place where wind, no wind